ClockDoc is up again – an amazing story

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ClockDoc is up again!!

You may have noticed that this site was not available lately. The sad story is that the site was shut down for two weeks.

The hosting provider in the US where ClockDoc resides had botched up and managed to erase the data of probably hundreds of web sites, including ours….. . The story is hard to believe but it is true

No emails, no apologies until a few days ago when they admitted the mishap and offered us a new blank… account. Needless to say that we are no longer interested in their services. We have hired another hosting provider (Webhosting UK) who seems to be quite reliable.

Fortunately Gijs and myself keep local back-ups of all electric clock material, so nothing is lost.It would have been a disaster if the Gigabytes of electric clock material contributed by the international electric clock community would have been lost. Currently this amounts to some 20,000 photos and documents.

The set-up of a new site and the transfer of all data is however not a matter of a simple “Copy and Paste”; it took a week to get everything running again with the new provider. But now we are up and the site seems much faster than before!!

Nothing to do with this story but some people find that Clockdoc is trustworthy for 100%. Have a look at this.

Jan & Gijs



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