Pulsynetic Electric Clocks  – By Gijs Veraart – great site, specializes in Gent’s Pulsynetic clocks .
The Gent’s ‘Pulsynetic’ Waiting Train Electric Turret Clock Movement.  – Specializes in Gent Waiting Train turret clocks .
Electric Clocks – By Michel Viredaz – Great site. A portal also to various sub sites covering different aspects of electrical horology; fine photo series (in French, English and German)
G.P.O. Clock systems – Excellent site, dedicated to British General Post Office electric clocks. Much documentation can be found here as well.
UhrenHanse (in German)  – Not only electric clocks – much information but it is not always easy to find.
Interested in electric clocks? (in Dutch)  – Nice site showing Hans Vrolijk’s electric clock collection.
English Clock Systems Ltd  – Specialized site on English Clock Systems Ltd (Smith) by Martin Ridout
Horologix  – Bulle & Eureka parts and restorations. Nice site with fine photo series of the restorations; he site owner has kindly allowed us to use much of its contents also in the ClockDoc documentation section, where it can also be searched.
The history of the evolution of electric clocks – By J.E. Boschieter. Also unique animations of the operation of electric clocks (site in English, French, German and Dutch).
The British Horological Institute Ltd  – Official site of the BHI.
Welcome to Roger Russel’s page about Jefferson  – a great site. See also the other links at the end of the home page!!
Telavox Clocks  – An illustrated guide to the cases and movements of a unique Danish clock manufacturer


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