Pulsynetic Electric Clocks  – By Gijs Veraart – great site, specializes in Gent’s Pulsynetic clocks .
The Gent’s ‘Pulsynetic’ Waiting Train Electric Turret Clock Movement.  – Specializes in Gent Waiting Train turret clocks .
Electric Clocks – By Michel Viredaz – Great site. A portal also to various sub sites covering different aspects of electrical horology; fine photo series (in French, English and German)
G.P.O. Clock systems – Excellent site, dedicated to British General Post Office electric clocks. Much documentation can be found here as well.
UhrenHanse (in German)  – Not only electric clocks – much information but it is not always easy to find.
Interested in electric clocks? (in Dutch)  – Nice site showing Hans Vrolijk’s electric clock collection.
English Clock Systems Ltd  – Specialized site on English Clock Systems Ltd (Smith) by Martin Ridout
Horologix  – Bulle & Eureka parts and restorations. Nice site with fine photo series of the restorations; the site owner (Peter Smith) has kindly allowed us to use much of its contents also in the ClockDoc documentation section.
The history of the evolution of electric clocks – By J.E. Boschieter. Also unique animations of the operation of electric clocks (site is in English, French, German and Dutch).
The Horological Foundation  – This is a non-profit organization that through its sites aims to provide a meeting place for anyone interested in Important Horological Objects, Instruments and Barometers.
Welcome to Roger Russel’s page about Jefferson  – a great site. See also the other links at the end of the home page!!
Telavox Clocks  – An illustrated guide to the cases and movements of a unique Danish clock manufacturer

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