Rare Bulle-Clock with Garde-Temps movement

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Rare Bulle-Clock with Garde-Temps movement This clock is a unique and very rare Bulle clock. The clock has no serial number but I’m fairly certain that it was manufactured in 1927. This date has been determined with guidance from the various Bulle catalogues and price lists posted by Peter Smith; guidance from John Hubby from the NAWCC; and guidance and example of a similar clock from David Read. The exact date has been pin pointed by family accounts of my grandfather’s trip to Paris in the late 1920’s, when he bought the clock, and final determination by the ship’s manifest posted in the Ellis Island site which shows that my grandfather arrived in New York from Paris aboard the SS France on September 28, 1927.

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What is ClockDoc – copyright

ClockDoc was set-up in 2010 by a few enthusiastic Dutch electric clock collectors with the purpose of bringing together historic material on electric horology. Historic material that has no longer a commercial value easily gets scrapped and may be lost forever. ClockDoc attempts to preserve some of it for the future. The site has proven to be a great reference site for the electric clock collector community and also serves educational purposes. ClockDoc is a non profit foundation, set-up and exclusively run by volunteers. Most of the material on the site was contributed by the electric clock community world-wide (including contributions from our own collections). There is however also material on the site where we seriously did our best to try to find the copyright owners but did not succeed.  If you do find such material please let us know and we will take immediate appropriate action. To avoid publishing copyrighted material we also ask you as a contributor to send only your own material or material of which you have ascertained that it is not copyrighted. Thank you.  

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In the spotlight – the Puja alcohol clock

Are these electric clocks? Sure they are, so here’s the story! Puja is believed to come from the German word Pulshammer” which means pulse hammer……. The patent was granted to Karl Jauch from the Jauch und Schmid Uhrenfabrik (Jundes) in Schwenningen, Germany in 1941. The production of the clocks started in 1945.

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