Welcome to the ClockDoc website.   

The ClockDoc site provides images and information on electric clocks, mostly dating from 1840 to 2000. The aim is to record the makers and models and to provide information for collectors, owners and restorers.  Despite the array of material, there remain many gaps and good quality images, particularly of clocks dismantled or in restoration, articles and manufacturers’ literature is always sought to fill the gaps.  

Updates are listed each month. To see a list of all changes, click on the ‘updates’ tab above

In 2023 we migrated to a new server, with increased security and speed. All the features of the 2020 upgrade remain in place, including the unified index and we have over 20000 images from over 350 makers, and still growing

Thanks to all our users who send us material, notably John Hubert, Geoff Horner,  J Alan Bloore, Richard Hatch,  Nick Maag, Michel Viredaz, David Read, Frank Dunkel, Augustí Tantdetemps, Tim Rickard and Ted Bosschieter and to The Clockworks, London for support.

Despite the recent great expansion, ClockDoc remains a not-for-profit enterprise run by collectors for collectors and has NO advertisements and NO cookies. We are sorry, but we cannot provide valuations or organise restoration or repair.

Eddy Odell and Jan van Harten

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