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2022 January

Happy New Year to all

An unknown model of Seiko early quartz marine chronometer like the 951-II
New folder for the rare Vigreux Brillie linear movement clocks
Four new clocks, an early electric Vedette, a Bürk marine master clock, a new folder for Cabot watch and Clock (CWC) quartz chronometer and a new folder for the Rapco 1804, our first GPS controlled clock

2021 December

Some fun for Christmas: Cathode ray tube clocks
New folder for Baume and Mercier quartz marine chronometer
Close up images of two types of contact in Girod clocks and new photos of one after cleaning with parts shown
New folder for the Seiko quartz marine chronometer QC 951 – II

2021 November

Information on how to run non-IBM slaves on an IBM master
New folder for the Gübelin quartz desk clock
A very rare find, a Silentia movement as a wall clock
Complete dismantle and restore of a CT Wagner slave
New folder for the AEG ‘BUT’ desk clock with the W627 movement
More on the rare 0.5 second Murday pendulum clocks in the pyramid style case

2021 October

A new unknown slave, resembles Favarger, can you identify it?
A new index to Peter Smith’s Horologix restoration stories, currently for Eureka clocks only, making it much easier to access the wealth of information in them.
A very useful detailed condition and treatment report on a half second silent electric clock with lots of technical information

2021 September

A new Satori regulator completely dismantled
Patents are now renamed by applicant.  If you do a document search it searches inside patents, but this makes browsing easier.
New folder Rigel quartz marine chronometer
New Wempe quartz chronometer pages with model 904 and 10057
New folder for the Ebauches B-1390 early quartz marine chronometer

2021 August

New maker added New Era
New maker added Standard Time Co. of London
New unknown slave movement number 14 in the unknown folder. 
New document, a really useful document on early synchronome slaves and information on dating in the synchronome slaves folder.
More photos and information on HE Jones clocks nos 7 and 11.

2021 July Two new folders: Steenhans/Timetronic quartz and ATE, a very early quartz
2021 June New folder for Estyma and related transistor clocks
2021 April

A Brillie half second complete restoration with photos of all components
A Ritchie electrically controlled mechanical movement
An unusual Ecole de Cluses with motor rewind in a half second movement
Restoration of an Aron ZBa timeswitch
Smiths ‘sectric’ complete dismantle and restore
New folder for new maker Mehne

2021 March New folders for Kundo and for Korfhange and Sohne and for Margnoux
2021 Februrary

The earliest synchronome mark 1 (number 4) added
New folder for Synchronome Australia

2021 January  At the start of 2021 we activated a major site upgrade with simpler folder structure and index page.  The search facility now searches general and maker-specific documents, but all maker-specific documents are now kept in the individual maker folders.  The unknown maker clocks were revised.   Over 400 patents were added, nearly 200 animations now added and hundreds of documents.  After the upgrade we had over 20000 images from over 350 makers.
2020 December New style headers for some folders with more external links to YouTube and websites (for example see Synchronome, English Clock Systems, Self Winding, No Key, Eureka, Lowne, and Siemens).
If there is a maker that you have detailed knowledge on, perhaps you would consider writing a similar header file?


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