How you can contribute

How you can contribute

Everyone is welcome to contribute and share material and we need your help.  We are always interested in receiving anything of historic interest relating to electric and electronic clocks, particularly:

  • Images with good illumination and high resolution, particularly images of clocks dismantled. We need photographs with no copyright so please do not send us other peoples’ material.  We will list the submitter of images as copyright holder in our system
  • Documents and ephemera. Some of the most useful material on the site is in the documents.  We actively seek brochures, price lists, catalogues, instruction manuals, technical information, circuit diagrams and similar material and have the capacity to digitise large amounts if you have a collection to dispose of.  Sadly such material often has little value and we are keen to save anything not already available digitally on our site or elsewhere. 
  • New header files. If you have expertise in a particular maker or clock, consider writing a header file for the folder.
  • Material on late 20th century clocks, electric, electronic and quartz.
  • Videos or links to external video (eg YouTube), especially those of correctly-adjusted clocks with good close-up showing movements action in detail.

There are really not many restrictions, but we try to avoid duplication. Ten clocks the same are not very informative, but detailed images of slight differences may be very interesting to site visitors. All contributions are anonymous, unless the contributor decides differently.

How to contact us

Do also contact us if you have specific question on certain items. We will not know all the answers but fellow collectors may. Please use our contact form.


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