ClockDoc – What is it?
ClockDoc is a site for collectors by collectors, for all those interested in electric and electronic clocks.  It is a not-for-profit site and has no advertisements or cookies and does not retain copyright of any material.  Our aim is to preserve and disseminate information to educate, preserve historic clocks and the documents and information required to repair, restore and rebuild them.  All material is freely downloadable if for non-commercial purposes.  All material on the site has been provided by someone who retains copyright themselves.  If you wish to use material for commercial purposes, please contact us to find the copyright owner.

The main language of the site is English, but we hold documentation in many languages and welcome original material in any language.

Since the start-up of Clockdoc in 2010 an immense amount of material on electric clocks has been contributed by collectors world-wide. By now Clockdoc has over 20,000 photos and documents related to electric clocks and this number is growing steadily.

There are scanned books on electric clocks from the nineteenth and early twentieth century, and brochures, price lists, advertising, instruction manuals and service information for many.

The number of electric clock makers in ClockDoc is now over 350.

The site usage is good considering the relatively small electric clock community.  In 2020 we had an average of 3245 visitors each month and over 100 visits a day.

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